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Established in 1991, Earthnet excels in the development of CRMarketing programmes and strategies for Blue Chip Companies. Our scaleable services include

Comprehensive strategies enable our clients to increase customer loyalty, profits, and market share utilising a wide range of capabilities.
Including the development and implementation of Direct Mail, own list and permission-based email, Fax broadcast and other personal communications methodologies.
Earthnet also processes applications, orders, warehouses, labels, and despatches all gifts.
1850 call handling by professionals increases customer loyalty, goodwill, and feedback.
Increase volume sales through loyalty gift programmes. Created to motivate your end-customers to stay loyal. Earthnet developes programmes, orders gifts, warehouses, and despatches all under one roof.
Designed to mine informative, relevant information regarding your customers, allowing you to keep an edge on the competition. Using best of breed Relationship Software for a critical understanding of your customer base.
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Earthnet House,
Unit 8D,
Dunshaughlin Business Park,
County Meath,
Tel: 353 1 801 1400
Fax: 353 1 801 1450
Email: info@earthnet.ie
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