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We highlight the effectiveness of CRMarketing programmes with four case studies. When planned and executed effectively, CRMarketing can protect and increase market share, and yield exceptional profits.

1. UBF Foodsolutions heats up the market
2. Take Five Takes the Lead
3. ACE Insurance Creates Oppertunities

UBF Foodsolutions Heats Up the Market with Integrated CRMarketing

Effective Customer Relationship Marketing, more than any other form of marketing communication programme, can lead to significant gains in customer loyalty, increased market share, and profitability.

The UBF Foodsolutions CRMarketing B2B programme utilises a wide-range of activities in order to achieve these objectives within its important Catering segment..

1. UBF Foodsolutions Newsletter
A high quality newsletter is despatched every six months to announce new products and increase useage. Earthnet provides outbound personalisation and despatch capabilities.

2. Caterer's Collection
This simple collectable scheme enables Caterer's throughout Ireland to receive gifts following purchase of UBF product.

3. The UBF 1850 Call Line
Earthnet provides a 1850 Call Centre service as part of this programme.

4. Database Development & Analysis
Earthnet is charged with complete database mangement. By keeping all lists up to date, we are able to supply UBF managers with vital information regarding their end users.

The programme has contributed to the continuing market leadership for UBF Foodsolutions.
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Take Five Takes the Lead

Take Five, Ireland's leading accounting software company, employed Earthnet to develop an integrated CRMarketing programme. The objectives in this case were straight forward: to generate leads among current Take Five users in order to facilitate product cross-selling.

Earthnet instituted the following approach.

1. Database Management
Earthnet established a database management programme that allowed us to 'remotely synch' all new data entries with the Take Five database located in their Dublin offices. Earthnet then enhanced that database by telephoning all Take Five clients. New information was downloaded.

2. eMail Programme
Working with its clients, Earthnet designed and implemented a monthly emailing to Take Five clients. This communication not only provided additional product information to end users, but directed those users to the Take Five website. The email communication also motivated end users to ask for a demonstration of new Take Five accounting and management software.

3. Web Site
Information Updates In line with the email Programme, Earthnet also updated the Website with a variety of informative articles and case studies that are directed toward particularly industries, product categories, and business objectives. This information suggests how Take Five products can increase profitability and efficiencies.

4. Take Five Newsletter
Twice a year, Earthnet also develops a printed newsletter that is sent to all present Take Five users. Containing relevant product information, the newsletter suggests other Take Five products designed to achieve integrated business solutions. All newsletter mailings contain a Reply Paid Card that elicits product demonstrations. All leads are forwarded to Take Five management for immediate follow-up.

The Take Five CRMarketing Programme has contributed to this leading accounting software company's steady increase in market share.
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ACE Insurance Creates Opportunities

The Dublin office for ACE Insurance, one of the world's largest insurance companies, utilises a nation wide dealer network to sell its range of health and accident insurance products to end consumers throughout the country. ACE Insurance believed that it had additional opportunities to motivate those brokers to sell-in additional ACE Insurance products.

Earthnet developed a simple database and email programme to accomplish this objective.

1. Database Upload
Having signed a confidentiality agreement with ACE Insurance, Earthnet uploaded a list of broker email addresses onto our Server. Utilising special email-despatch sofware capabilities, Earthnet is able to match a full colour letter with a list of all names. The software personalises individual emails to all recipients. Software recognises if the recipient's PC is html capable, and if so, transmits the full colour emailing. If the recipient's PC is not html capable, a text extract of the full-colour mailing is delivered.

2. HTML Full Colour Newsletter eMailing
Earthnet developed a full colour html emailing that provided all ACE Insurance brokers with more product information and benefits, and additional information on ACE Insurance. Utilising full colour photos and graphics, this powerful tool communicates with brokers quickly yet effectively.

Brokers have reacted favourably to this new communications tool. ACE Insurance has enjoyed increased product sales - and share of mind - as a result of this ongoing campaign.

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