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eCRM is fast becoming the most effective and efficient communications method for the establishment of customer loyalty and increased profits

eCRM utilises email direct marketing and other electronic communications methods to transmit your marketing message to a current or potential customer base on a cost-effective footing.
To discover how Earthnet can help you to utilise eCRM, email us: info@earthnet.ie

Earthnet transmits both full colour html and text email messages to your customer base in parallel, ensuring that all customers receive your critical information.

Send full colour product or service offers
Cross-sell quickly and effectively
Captivate your customers with strong benefit messages
Increase market share through Ambassador programmes
Click-through tracking allows Earthnet to determine effectiveness
Response links enable light-speed response for customers
Link to web sites
Bouncebacks return to Earthnet for list updating
Earthnet also supplies a wide range of opt-in email lists to help our clients increase market share. These customers have already given permission to receive a wide range of information regarding your product or service. Opt-in customer lists can be segmented by a wide range of socio-economic and interest groupings.
Earthnet's creative and technological eCRM capabilities allow your company to communicate effectively and instantly to your present or prospective customer base.
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